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Full-Stack Engineer

Why Arch?

  • High Impact - Being one of a few engineers responsible for a product that manages billions of dollars means you have real responsibility and impact from day one. You help decide the direction of our infrastructure, you design and build the critical systems, and you help determine the future direction of the company.
  • Learning - You get to learn about all aspects of the business and touch every system that's part of the product. Our team has also helped bring previous companies from early stages to success and has intimate knowledge of the industry and we can quickly bring you up to speed. At Arch, you'll also get to learn the ins and outs of how private investments are managed.
  • Low Bureaucracy - At Arch, we move fast and you'll be deploying code live to production on your first day.
  • Team community and camaraderie - We are a small team, and we have enormous trust in each other and always do what we can do support one another. We're always ready to step in to help.

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Operations Manager

Ready for a high impact role where you learn a lot about a lot? Reach out to join our operations team if you thrive with lots of responsibility and a balance of client and technical work. Some of your day to day would include:

  • Working with the rest of the team to make decisions on Arch's roadmap and product direction
  • Working with clients to organize and onboard investment information and run training demos
  • Communicating with fund managers on behalf of clients to reconcile and receive investment and account information
  • Processing and monitoring account information, including updates from clients and funds
  • Tax season document coordination
  • Identifying workflow, system, and product improvements to help clients and the team

Bonus points if you:

  • Have experience in wealth management, alternative investments, fund management, accounting, or a related financial field
  • Know SQL or want to learn

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Sales Executive

Why Arch?

  • Instead of following someone else’s playbook. Let’s create one together.
  • You understand the importance of winning as a team – lone wolves please do not apply.
  • In our markets, over 70% of our business will come from raving fans – we get to earn it one customer at a time.
  • Join a mission driven organization, Arch is solving a real problem and you will have the ability to influence all aspects of the organization and mission.

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